Architeuthis – a patchwork story

The part of this blog called Architeuthis tells one of my stories – possibly even my main story – but it is a story with no clear beginning, middle and end. These writings stem from recovered fragments that were scattered and buried beneath the rubble of a series of psychic disasters, blended with the theory that supported the detective process, and the sense made of each clue.

I am using the name Architeuthis, because on the day I acknowledged that the most significant yet unthinkable event in my life had in fact occurred, I had a very important dream about a giant squid, the details which I will tell in a later post. The name Architeuthis is the name for a giant squid. But the name Architeuthis also has a different meaning. It is a composite of two words: arche, a Greek word which means “origin” or “element” and Teuthis, which means squid, but is also the name of a mythological general who quarrelled with Agamemnon and in revenge stabbed Athena in the thigh. She, in turn, punished him by appearing to him in a dream after which he developed a wasting disease and the people of his town suffered from famine.  And therefore Architeuthis is also the primary wound.

However, this is not a story of revenge. It is a story of consequences, both intended and untended. And I will tell it in a series of fragments, as it unfolded.

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