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TITLE: Beneath – Exploring the Unconscious in Individuals
FORMAT: 338 x 207 mm (Portrait), 312pp hard cover
PUBLISHER: Moonshine Media
AUTHOR: Hélène Smit
ISBN: 978-0-620-49950-7
PRICE: R350 including VAT
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ABOUT THE BOOK: Beneath – Exploring the Unconscious in Individuals is a comprehensive introduction to the subject of depth psychology, using an integration of photography, illustration, poetry and prose. This school of psychology (developed by people like Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Melanie Klein) studies the part of the human psyche that is not immediately available to conscious thought, but nevertheless seems to have a profound impact on human behaviour. It attempts to understand the deepest roots of our engagement with the world.

In an accessible, but academically rigorous way, Beneath provides some very useful answers to WHY we do the things we do, and HOW we can change ourselves. It explains the logic of mental structuring and resultant behaviour in a way that assists individuals to gain a greater understanding of their psychological make-up, and be able to answer fundamental questions such as:

▪ How do my character traits develop?

▪ Why do I sometimes sabotage myself?

▪ How can I change behaviours that I do not like?

▪ How do I access my creativity?

▪ How can I achieve my full potential?

“With Beneath, Hélène Smit offers us a unique summary and interpretation of a vast field, and I think the inclusion of the Arctic and Antarctic visions help to explain and break the work so one is always coming at old or new concepts, depending on the reader, with a fresh mind and eye.”
– Arthur D. Colman, M.D, Jungian Analyst and Professor of Psychiatry, University of California, San Francisco

Beneath chapter openerBeneath illustration sampleWHY? I wrote this book because I wanted to document my ongoing exploration of the inner world, and I wanted to demystify psychological concepts and  their implications for individuals and the groups in which they live and work. It is my wish that this book helps individuals and organisations choose ways of being and doing that may be more constructive and sustainable than those they may currently be using.

All this is underpinned by a dream and a hope for a world in which people do less harm to one another because they are more conscious and more self aware – a world in which the cycle of the wounded wounding others is broken, and new paths are chosen which shift our human focus from re-enacting the dramas of our pasts to creating different futures.

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ISBN: 978-0-9870034-7-8

SIZE: 250x220mm. 330pp

PRICE: R350 (Including VAT)

About the Book

Depth Leadership gives a detailed account of the application of depth psychology principles and practices to leadership. It is a rework of The Depth Facilitator’s Handbook, which was published in 2009 as a textbook for students of facilitation. This book is written for leaders who want to use a depth approach in their daily work. The depth approach is based on the idea that human behaviour is determined not only by conscious thought and feeling, but also by a wellspring of thoughts, feelings and potential stored in the unconscious mind. The ideas in this book are grounded in academically sound theory, but are discussed from a layperson’s perspective. The reader will not need a formal psychology background to make sense of it.

Depth Leadership is aimed at anyone who leads a group, whether a formal organisational group, or even an informal social group. This book can help CEOs, chairpersons, directors, project managers, teachers, police officers, nurses, municipality managers, preachers, sports coaches, choirmasters and even parents in their leadership practice.

Depth Leadership is extensively illustrated by award-winning artist Katherine Glenday. The book explores answers to the following questions:

Why do some groups consistently fail to achieve their objectives?
How can you avoid power plays in groups?
How do you build healthy team relationships that last?
What causes unexpected absenteeism, low morale or poor performance?
How do you prevent repeated incidents that indicate an intolerance for diversity, manifesting as racism, sexism or other types of discrimination?
How do you stop gossip and other undermining behaviours in teams?
How do you achieve full buy-in for change processes?
How can you resolve persistent people difficulties after mergers and acquisitions?
How do you address recurrent conflict between individuals or groups?
How do you unleash the full creative potential in a group?


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The Depth Facilitators Handbook

ISBN: 978-0-620-44545-0

SIZE: 250x210mm. 256pp

PRICE: R350 (excl VAT)

About the Book

In order to create sustainable and healthy organizations, one needs to understand and work with the full complexity of the human psyche. This includes working with both the conscious and unconscious parts of the individual and the group. Working at the unconscious level means considering the underlying, often unspoken, dynamics in individuals, groups, teams and organizations. This is the ‘depth work’ approach.

Depth Facilitation assists individuals and groups to achieve their chosen goals by helping them overcome personal and interpersonal barriers, as well as assisting them to access additional potential and creativity through building awareness of the psychological processes that determine their behaviour.

The Depth Facilitator’s Handbook outlines the key principles and provides the tasks, tools and techniques for working effectively as a depth facilitator.

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