10 reasons for doing depth work on the self

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1. The unconscious is fascinating. When you start doing active deep reflection the unconscious will respond generously with dreams. I get about 5 free movies every night.

2. If you know your own stuff, you do not keep laying it on unsuspecting others, and then avoiding them, or having conflict with them.

3. If you do not actively engage with your unconscious, it eventually actively engages with you through body symptoms, unexplained moods, irrational impulses, obsessions, phobias, addictions, or just general dis-ease.

4. Old unexamined experiences and the feelings connected to them lock up energy and drain your resources, and when life does throw you a curve ball (as it does occasionally), you have fewer emotional, physical and mental resources with which to manage.

5.  The more you know your depths, the more congruent you will be in the world, and the less you will encounter unpleasant surprises in yourself, or subject others to them.

6. The more you get to know your unconscious, the less lonely you are. Eventually you have a whole cast of characters inside you, each with a point of view.

7. The deeper your work on yourself, the more you access the full range of your archetypal potential and the more agile you become in occupying the different roles in your life.

8. If you do the deep work on yourself, you can break destructive ancestral patterns, and thereby free your children from the cycles of repetition.

9. As you develop and assimilate previously disallowed parts of yourself, you occasionally come into contact with the numinous or what is more commonly known as magical experiences.

10. Doing depth work can mean transformation – for the individual, the family, the group, the community, and maybe even the planet.

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