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As a result of a complex early history, my life and my work have been centered around the notion of depth work in individuals and groups. Depth work is a term that refers to a philosophy and a set of practices based on Depth Psychology, a school of psychology that essentially is concerned with the idea of the “unconscious” in human systems. Depth psychology tries to understand the deeper motivations behind human behaviour, and is aimed at unleashing the full potential of each of us in a variety of settings. As a way of thinking, depth psychology offers an interesting lens through which to view the world, human interactions, and the events that result from our interactions.

In this blog, I will endeavour to capture some of the insights that I have while experiencing the world through the depth work lens. Of course, my comments will be coloured by the other lenses that inform my identity too. I will describe ways of thinking that have been useful to me in better managing myself in my world, and include some of the insights that I have gained in my work, whilst respecting the confidential nature of the work that I do. If there are particular areas or issues that you would like me to comment on, please let me know, and I will see if I can find some feedback that adds value.

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7 thoughts on “Hi, Everyone”

  1. Well done Helene. Your dedication to your dream is really inspiring. Kind regards

    Careema Haas (ex student)

  2. not sure how deep this, but i love your hairstyle!!! looking forward to reading the final draft h!

  3. Dear Helene

    Just read your book – found it very interesting and helpful. I lead a team of people and an trying to understand human behaviour.

    I look forward to your next book.

    take care


  4. Dear Helene
    Thanks for putting your ideas out there,I loved the book and was grateful for the assistance therein. I would be particularly interested in hearing about doing depth work with large groups, especially those not used to participative processes. I am interested in a couple of aspects and would be grateful to hear your thoughts on these
    1. Creating safety in large groups so that deep work can be done in a work environment
    2. Holding competing narratives at the same time as creating liveable sustainable outcomes
    3. Selling depth work in a market that values SETA droplet training and short term outcomes
    4. Some case studies showing the complexity of the process including some cases where facilitators miss the boat
    5. Evaluating outcomes, especially if the outcomes are not in line with the buyers idea of what should have happened

    thanks and best wishes

  5. Hi Helene

    I’m so looking forward to reading your book. I keep re-reading the notes we got at your workshop to remind me of your insights! The book will surely be better. Would be great to catch up some time.

    Warm regards


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